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Summertime is a time of outdoor activities: walking, hiking, swimming, biking; family trips; going to the beach or lake; getting together with family and friends. It is a time of slowing down the fast pace of life and getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather. While summer is a time of re-creation and fun activities, it also has its hazards: sunburn, bug bites, injuries from physical activities, etc.

Fortunately, there are some important natural remedies to have on hand to manage the potential hazards of the summer season so that your fun is not derailed by some of summer's potential hazards. The following is a list of five natural remedies that can offer some protection and piece of mind for this outdoor season.

1) Calendula Ointment (lotion or gel)

Wonderful ointment for minor cuts, scrapes and shallow wounds. Calendula is an antibacterial and an astringent. It prevents and heals infections. Good for first-degree sunburn as well.

2) Arnica Montana

Top remedy for physical injuries that results in bruising, or strenuous activities that produce muscle soreness. Any "bruised" sensation in the body will be helped with this remedy. Also aids in the emotional shock associated with injury or overexertion.

3) Apis Mellifica

Excellent remedy for bee stings that produce swelling, redness, stinging pain and sensation of heat in the affected part. Has been used in cases of allergic reaction to bee stings that produce hives or anaphylactic shock. One indicator for this remedy is the affected part feels better with cold applications.

4) Rhus Toxicodendron

This remedy is made from poison oak and is good for exposure to poisonous plants such as poison oak and ivy. The skin eruptions are very itchy and produce water-filled blisters. The person feels soothed with hot applications to the affected parts. The state is a restless one.

5) Rescue Remedy

An excellent remedy for emotional shock and stress. This remedy can provide rapid support for any event that causes shock, anxiety and vulnerability. It was specially formulated to support the mind and body in situations of stress and overwhelm. Also good for physical injuries that produce shock and anxiety.

These remedies can be a welcomed gift in time of need when indicated by the appropriate guiding symptoms. In terms of a "potency" for the above-mentioned remedies, 30C would be a good choice to have on hand (exceptions are Calendula ointment and Rescue Remedy, which are pre-determined formulas). If you experience the symptoms listed above for a given remedy, take one dose of the indicated remedy every 15-30 minutes until relief is felt, then stop. Repeat the process if the discomfort recurs. If there is no improvement after taking a few doses of a remedy, discontinue and seek professional medical or homeopathic care.

Any condition that is a recurring one, rather than isolated incident, is likely a chronic condition and best addressed by "constitutional" homeopathic care. In such cases seek the services of a professional homeopath.
Natural Remedies

Special note:

Should you have any special medical conditions or be pregnant, consult with your physician before taking any homeopathic or medicinal substances. Also, in any severe or emergency medical situations seek professional care immediately.